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The look, taste and texture of fresh mushrooms. Mushrooms are received fresh from our growers, carefully trimmed, thoroughly cleaned, blanched and sliced. The quick blanching process retains freshness, maintaining a product that is firm, white and fresh tasting as well as convenient and time saving.

Quick Blanched Refrigerated Mushrooms are ready to use in any dish, perfect for pizzas and sauces or any special recipe. Whole or already sliced or diced to meet your specific needs, our Quick Blanched Refrigerated Mushrooms are the perfect answer to any culinary challenge.

Kept refrigerated and sealed, our Quick Blanched Fresh Mushrooms have a shelf life of 120 days.


Quick Blanched Fresh Mushrooms are available in these varieties:
    White Button Mushrooms
    Portabella Mushrooms
    Crimini Mushrooms

...and in these specifications
    Premium Sliced

...and packed in 6/62 oz., 6/68 oz., or 1/4 gallon Pails.


We understand the power of private labels. Accordingly, all of our Quick Blanched Fresh Mushrooms can be labeled to your specifications. If you do not need custom labeling, we will simply apply The Mushroom Company's labels.

For more information about our Quick Blanched Fresh Mushrooms, or to discuss specifications for a customized order, please call 410 221 8971 or send an email to


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