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Taste the Superb Flavor and Quality. Canned mushrooms have been a mainstay in foodservice and food manufacturing operations for years. Recognizing that The Mushroom Company has a unique advantage - canning mushrooms harvested at the peak of freshness - clients know they are getting the highest quality and most flavorful mushrooms available.

- White Button
- Portabella
- Crimini
- Blends

Upon arrival to the processing facility, fresh mushrooms are immediately and carefully trimmed, thoroughly cleaned and processed. A state-of-the-art continuous cooker ensures even heat distribution without overcooking, ensuring the mushrooms we cook are consistently superior in taste and texture.

Canned Mushrooms are prepared to a variety of specifications including:
    - Stems and pieces
    - Sliced mushrooms
    - Whole mushrooms
    - Diced mushrooms

Canned mushrooms are available for foodservice and retail in the following sizes:
    - Foodservice: 6/#10, 68 oz., 62 oz.
    - Retail sizes: 24/4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz.

Quality control checks are performed continuously throughout processing and include drained weight, color, texture, uniformity of size, symmetry and flavor. Only after all tests have been completed and the results certified are products released for shipment to customers.

For more information about our Canned Mushrooms, or to discuss specifications for a customized order, please call 410 221 8971 or send an email to


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